How to Start a Pressure Washing Business

how to tart a pressure washing business

How to start a Pressure Washing Business.

Alright kid listen up. I don’t have a lot of time here, so we have to do this fast. I’m going to help you on how to start a pressure washing business. I don’t want to waste my time trying to teach you if you arent going to listen. 

So if you’re serious about starting your own pressure washing business keep reading.

The Hardest Part

Look kid, The mental discission to start your pressure washing business is the hard part, I get that. You have to figure that out on your own. I’ve already done it. So I know what you are going through. But if you cant take this first step, then I cant help you.

The good thing everything after that point can be learned. – Ryan Lunsford

Don’t sweat the small stuff, the important part is starting. You aren’t going to learn how hoses, reals, nozzles, and these pressure washing tools work by watching videos none stop. 

The videos are great. Keep watching them. When you are out in the field working, you’ll be glad you did. But eventually your going to have to START! 

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Learn the trade work as you go. You’ll never stop learning. – Ryan Lunsford

how to start a pressure washing business with srvcly on X

Step one - Read what I type

The first thing you need is an LLC. This stands for Limited Liability Company. It’s important to have because it protects you in the event that you get sued. These things are important when you get out there in the real world, so make sure you are paying attention here!

. An LLC protects YOU and YOUR PERSONAL assets. So get it!

There are a few different ways to file your LLC. I personally have used Legalzoom many times and its easy. Plus they don’t charge a processing fee. The only payment you have to make is your states filing fee. All through their website.

legalzoom logo

Step two - Slow down

I know you want to scroll off but keep with me. Step two is super easy. Im going to give you a link that will take you to the IRS website. You need to file for your business’s EIN. This is a nine digit number given to you by the IRS. They are going to ask you a lot of questions so be prepared for that. If you need me I’m here for you, its all in the course!

Now that you have your LLC and EIN you can open a business bank account.


Step three – Almost done

You and your pressure washing business are not the same thing. Your business is its own entity. Keep the two an arms length away. Always remember this!

Go into the bank of your choice and tell the banker you are there to do some business. Open the business account that best fits you and your situation. Put some money in there as well, we are going to use this account. Which brings us to the next step.

Step Four - Cover your ass

We filed an LLC for protection. We opened a business bank account for protection. And now we are going to protect the business with GENERAL LIABILITY INSURSNCE.

This insurance comes into play if a fault happens and money needs to be paid out.

Please here this! If you do nothing else, make sure you get GLI coverage on your pressure washing business.

Its very easy to get a quote using Next INS. You can go on right now and see if you can afford it. If you can you need to pay the first and last month through your business bank account. 

If you cant afford this figure out how you can. Do not start working without it.

next ins logo


There you go, you now have a business. Lets get to work.

If you buy the course I also go over how to get a

  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Tshirts
  • Build a Website
  • Get on Google My Business
  • Start your Quickbooks

Although these are important they aren’t needed to be successful in your pressure washing business. The only things you 100% need is the four we covered.

I personally had the additional items when I ran my business and want to show you how to do it. I like the branding it creates.

Now what

When your business is fully formed I need you to submit it to the srvcly site so that we can grow this community. Also I hope in the future customers will come to you through srvcly referrals. 

Second thing you need to do is watch this video to learn how to start making money.

If you have any questions contact me here. Id love to help.

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