How to create a business website

How to create a business website

How to create a business website

Alright home service trade professionals, I am going to show you how to make a website for your newly formed business. I have shown you everything you need to know in order to start your own home service trade business. You can find that here at the Future pro starter course. Now lets pull it all together.

I suggest before you start this you have some pictures ready to go. This could be some pictures of work that you have already done, but I also suggest that you get some good quality head shots. I mean, we just got our new business T-shirts, so why not show them off?

Make a Business Tshirt!

Put some thought into these and have someone help you take the photos. It doesnt have to be anything fancy, whatever phone you have will do just fine. Even, if you have a flip phone.

What is a website

Do you even know what a website is? What a home service trade website looks like? Whens the last time you have been to one? My guess is, probably not often. So what’s your plan on making a website? Keep in mind you dont even need to have a website to be successful. I have met many home service trade business owners become very successful without having a website. What did home service trade professions do before there was a website? Get where im going with this.

I have spent a lot of time and literally all of my money trying to learn about home service trade business websites. How to make them, what they look like, and most importantly how to make them work. If at some point you want to go down the road of building your own website, I support you. But for the time being, can you take everything we just worked on and create a profile on my website srvcly? Thank you.

First you need to register

Go to srvcly and register. Once you are registered the site will send you to your dashboard and everything you need will be here for you. What we are going to be focusing on in this article is the option to “add my business.” This is where the magic starts.

The information I’m asking you on this form is going to be added to your website page. Everything except your business address. We will get into this later.

Start entering your information

Enter your business name and a description of you and your business. Be personable here. This is a time to introduce yourself to your customers.

Once you have put the effort into your description enter the year you founded your business. After that choose what trade you are in. This will match you with customers searching the srvcly site for your services.

Select a pillar

The pillars are a unique feature that is specific to the way we are going to match you with your customers. I believe that each service provider has each one of these qualities, but I want you to select the one that matches your biggest strength.

  • Affordable – you focus on affordable rates in order to acquire clients
  • Available – you are available to do the work now
  • Prompt – you say you’ll be there at a certain time/day and you follow through
  • Knowledge – you’ve seen a lot and know how to do more than the average pro

Youll be able to switch your pillar at any time changing the catagory that customers search. For now choose the one that you feel is most important to you.

Services and service areas

Here you have the option to enter your services and your service areas. This also helps put content on your page.

Enter all the service areas that you service. Towns, cities, neighborhoods, whatever. Where ever you are and however you classify your service areas, enter them here. Again this adds content to your page allowing it to look professional and more complete.

service area and services

Contact information

Make sure that you enter your business email as well as your business phone number. Srvcly is not a gate keeper. I allow direct contact between you and your customers. This is a referral site this is not a lead generation site.

I want to get the home owners in direct contact with you in the least amount of clicks as possible. I want them to have the ability to call you or email you whenever the choose to. So make sure you enter your information here.

contact page for srvcly

Enter your address

Please note that your address will not be listed anywhere on the site. Even if you have a commercial business location, your address will not be listed. Most of us are running a business out of our personal residency and if you’re like me, I don’t want the customers knowing where I live.

Make sure that you enter your business address using the google drop down. When you start entering your business address google will auto populate your address. It is very important that you select this and not hard enter your address. If you do not select from the drop down, hard enter your address, or not enter your address all together, you will not be referred when a customer searches for your grad in your area.

Srvcly special offer

I put this in here for you to offer your customers a special so that you can track that they found you on srvcly. That’s why I say in the video, “mention this ad.” Customers love discounts and I made them a good one here. All they have to do is mention this ad to get 20% off their project. Maybe I’ll change that later. If I start getting a lot of requests for the 20% off I know that they are coming from my site on srvcly.

special offer for srvcly

Cover photo and logo

The business cover photo is the picture at the very top of the website. This is a pretty common way to set up a home service trade website. It currently has a blue gradient on it. Think I should remove that? Let me know. Contact


How to create a business website

Next, upload your logo. If you are reading this and do not have a logo, check out the video of us making our logo together.

Learn How to Make A Logo

Photo upload

Here is where we are going to upload the pictures we took of us in our super awesome business shirt. If you already have some before and after pics of work you have completed, enter them here as well. I cap it off a 6 photos so choose wisely.

Hit submit

Alright now all you have to do is hit submit. When you hit submit a bell rings on my phone letting me know that you just entered all the information I need to set up your site. I jump up as fast as I can and start building your site. If you want to see what it looks like when im done go to “my business” in your dashboard. This is what your website page is going to look like. If you need to change anything on it hit the edit button and itll allow you to make changes. Hit submit and itll be updated.

I hope that you get a chance to do this. Would be really cool if you did. Hit me up on twitter if you need anything.

search results for srvcly

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