How to make a logo for your home service business

How to make a logo

Make a logo [step-by-step] in 9 steps.

I’ve got a question for you. What business are you going into? 

As a pool service professional myself, im excited to show you how I make logos. Its very easy, I use Fiverr. I have a very different point of view when it comes to creating business logos. If you stick around to the end, I hope that you can provide me with some feedback on how you like my process.

If you are anything like myself, you are excited to “get to work….” I’m referring to the actual trade work, not the work of creating your business logo. So I always suggest keeping things simple, at least for the start.

Keep things simple when designing your business logo

You, are a tradesmen. You are getting into the business of your trade, you ARE NOT getting into the business of branding or graphic design. So why spend the time learning how?

I have gone down the rabbit hole of logo design, much like you right now. After a couple of minutes looking at google you will start questioning everything about what yours should look like, what it needs to communicate to the customer, and what the best colors are. On and on it goes. I have found that, the more you learn about logos the more you feel stuck about making one. So, lets just make one.

I suggest using Fiverr to design your logo. Fiverr is full of graphic designers that can very easily and very quickly make you a logo. I’m even going to show you how I made my logo for Shelve It LLC without any input whatsoever. Lets get it.

1. Go to fiverr

To start, click the link so that you get to fiverrs website.

Slightly scroll down and select the tab for logo design

How to make a logo for your home service business

Once in logo design, you will see that there is a bar at the top that will allow you to select what type of style logo you are looking for

style of logo design

Once you select a style you can scroll down and look at all the examples the artists have.

search for loogs

2. Pick your fiverr artist

When you find a logo that matches what you are looking for click it to go to the artist profile.

logo artist profile

In their profile you will find other examples of their work,

other logo work

their packages they offer with pricing,

logo artist pricing

as well as reviews down below.

logo artist reviews

Id like to take a second and talk about the packages and their pricing.

3. Choose the best package

So real quick, before we move on, I don’t care what package you choose. If you want something the artist is offering, go with it. There is many ways to go about designing a logo. For this example I am going to go very basic. I’m going to choose the cheapest plan this artist has to offer. You do what you want to do.

I just want to suggest you request two things from your artist, and that is:

  • Separate the Icon, the verbiage, as well as both of them together as separate files.
  • Have them all on transparent backgrounds.

Having your logos icon, (mascot) verbiage, (your business name) and both of them together is going to come in handy down the road. Especially when we use if for things such as business cards, work shirts, websites, and even vehicle wraps. Having all of these on transparent backgrounds will help you when posting pictures on social media. This is mostly used in before and after photos.

4. Purchase your package

Once you have chosen what artist you want to work with, purchase by hitting the continue button on your selected package.

check out for logo

Here are all the upsells that you can select from. PLEASE do research on vector files. If you are going to need a big logo for a service vehicle warp or banners, buy it. You’ll need the logo to be in this format. If not move on

logo add ons

Are you excited that your order is processing? Congrats!

processing logo order

5. Fill out requirements

Here is where your artist is going to ask you questions to better understand what you are looking for in a logo. Your questions will look different, that’s ok, just fill yours out.

logo artist questions

On the right side of this comment section you will see a paperclip. This is where you can load a picture example of what you want.

upload logo ideas

DONT FORGET! Tell the artist that you want the separate files as well as the transparent backgrounds. You can see I asked here!

logo purchased

Your order is now in the works.

logo order completed

6. Wait for examples

Depending on what package you selected, you are now going to have to sit back and wait for your artist to respond. I know this can be exciting. For my logo I gave all the creative power to the artist making this part even more exciting. I had no idea what to expect! I couldn’t wait to see what he came up with.

While you wait, download the fiverr app. Some of this has to be done on the desktop computer, but you will be notified when your artists responds. That does make this process a little better having the notification at your fingertips.

7. Review

When you get the notification that your artist has deliver your first draft of logos, run, don’t walk, to your computer to check them out!

The package I purchased from my artist provided two concepts. This is the first and the one I ultimately chose to go with. 

shelve it logo

This was the second one that I did not choose but wanted to show you.

second logo file

8. Revise

Your plan will allow you to make a certain amount of revisions. If there is something that you want to change, communicate that back to your artist. Once the logo is the way you want it, you can close the order!

complete your logo order

9. Download to your computer

You can download your new logo to your computer through a zip file or by choosing the individual download buttons on each image.

download your logo


I told you that I was going to keep this simple. Nothing crazy about it. I allowed the artist to choose everything about my logo and I requested no revisions. I believe that everything needs to be very simple when you are first starting off. And even when you do start blowing up with business you still don’t need a perfectly fancy logo. The customers are going to be hiring you, not your logo. Im telling you. There are businesses out there that are making a killing that don’t even have a logo. My final words of advice are, spend as little time as possible when you are in the start up stage. Get enough to satisfy your need and move on. And we are. Lets go desing our business cards now!

Check out my video on how to make business cards

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