How to Start a House Cleaning Business

How to start a house cleaning business

How to Start a House Cleaning Business

Out of all the home service trades you want to know how to start a house cleaning business? Did you know the house cleaning business is the largest sector out of all the home service trades? So if you want to learn how to start your house cleaning business then you better pay attention.

There are two business models when it comes to house cleaning.

  • The owner operator
  • The Remote Cleaning Business

How to run your business

The owner operator is the “old school” way of running a house cleaning business. You start your business, find your own customers, and clean those customers houses. 

The Remote Cleaning Business or RCB model allows the owner to broker deals between owner operator business owners and customers. They take a fee off the top for their profit.

Getting started

Either way you choose, the start up process is the same. The first item you need when starting your business is a Limited Liability Company also known as LLC. Having your house cleaning business in a LLC is going to help protect YOU and YOUR PERSONAL assets.

I like to file my LLCs through Legalzoom. They no lager charge a processing fee to file with them. All you have to pay is your states filing fee. Here in Arizona they are $85. So for $85 I filed my LLC.

the future pro starter course

Then you need

Now that you have a LLC you need to get a EIN. This is a nine-digit number given to your business from the IRS. This is going to be needed for a few reasons. The first being opening a business bank account, which we will do next.

It is a good idea to save and even memorize this number. Especially if you are going to doing any sub contracting work with real estate agents, property managers, apartments, Airbnb owners, or other cleaners.

So now that your house cleaning business has an EIN, you need to open that business bank account.

Make that Money

Take your business LLC and EIN into the bank of your choice and open a business bank account. You are going to have business expenses so make sure your account has some funds in it.

Please LISTEN. You are not your house cleaning business and your house cleaning business is not you. Your business is its own Entity. So make sure when your business transacts money, it’s ran through your business bank account.

Protect the business

Before you step foot on any customers properties, please make sure that you have general liability insurance.

General liability insurance, or GLI, is used to protect your business in the event that a fault happens. In my opinion this is the most important part in setting up your business.

I like to get my insurance through NEXT INS.

You can get a quote right now.  You will have to pay your first and last month up front. Request a quote and if able, purchase your businesses coverage.

Your a business owner

There you are! A real business owner. Congrats! Now lets get to work.

I have an online course that me going in and doing everything we just talked about step-by-step. I also go into getting a;

  • Logo
  • Business Card
  • Business T-Shirt
  • Website page
  • Google My Business Account
  • Quickbooks setup

You can run a very successful business with just the four items we covered in this article, but I wanted you to see how to do this rest if you buy the course.

Now what

Submit your business to our website to be apart of the srvcly referrals. If a customer in your area searches for house cleaning, your business may show up!

Its free and you get a single page site out of it.

REGISTER for srvcly

Other than that here’s three ways you can start making money in the house cleaning trade.

Love you sis. I’m proud of you!

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