How to start a House Painting Business

How to start a house painting business

How to start a House Painting Business

Right now is a great time to get started in your house painting business! We are between a shift of the older generation of house painters leaving the industry and the new entering.

Most of the new house painters entering the industry aren’t even the ones painting the houses. Let me explain.

It has become a popular business model for owners owners to be more like brokers of deals, rather than tradesmen. These business owners are selling house painting jobs to the costumers, but are not the ones actually doing the work. They find subs to paint the houses for them.

If you want to get into the house painting business and are willing to paint the houses yourself, you are at a huge advantage.

How to make money

One really easy way to start making money in the house painting business is to approach these businesses and ask for work. This is called business to business or B2B. There is currently a lack of labor in the home service trade industry. Businesses that are selling these house painting jobs cant even find reliable workers to fulfill these orders.

Business owners put their contact info everywhere! You can cold call these businesses all day until you fill your schedule. I’m telling you this WORKS!

Be honest during these calls. Let them know you are just starting out. Don’t try to hide anything from them. Being upfront and honest is your best strategy.

Getting started

Unless you plan on becoming a w2 employee for a house painting business, you need to form your business. This is easier than most may think and if done correctly, will come at a minimal cost. No matter what business model you choose, this is how you get started…

the future pro starter course

Set up your LLC

Setting up your LLC or Limited Liability Company is the first rule of order.  A LLC will help protect you and your personal assets in the event of litigation. You will not have this protection if you are not covered under a LLC.

Legalzoom no longer charges a processing fee to file LLC’s through their website. They are going to try and upsell you on every page during the filing process, but if you deny all of it you will only have to pay your states filing fee. There is no way around this fee even if you go directly through your state. Which is why I suggest you file through Legelzoom. Very easy.

Get your EIN

EIN’s are nine-digit tax identification numbers giving to you by the IRS. Its much like social security number for your business. Your business¬† needs it for many reasons and it’s a good idea to memorize it.

People all over the internet will charge you for one, but if you go to the IRS website you can get one for free. Just make sure you go during business hours. M-F 7am – 10pm Eastern Standard Time.

Open your business bank account

Now that you have your business’s LLC and EIN you can open up a business account. Walk into the bank of your choice and tell that banker you aren’t there for personal matters, that this time you mean business.

Make sure to load some money into your new business account. After all you are starting your business and need to make some business purchases.

Get Covered

The first business expense you are going to have should always be insurance. General Liability Insurance or GLI should be established before you set foot onto any one of your customers properties. This insurance helps cover you in the event there is a fault having to do with your business being on the customers property.

I like getting GLI through Next Ins because you can get a quick quote and buy your coverage right then and there. Of course its a good idea to shop local but if you either want to know about how much ins will cost you, you can go to NEXT.

next ins logo

Now what

Few things, If you want to know about branding, setting up a website, and your accounting, take the future pro starter course. This is my step-by-step video instructed online course where I show you how to do everything. Just keep in mind the four steps we already covered is all you need to be safe and can bring a lot of success. Other than your an accounting program, its all you need.

Make sure that you submit your home service trade business of any kind to the srvcly referral program. It is my goal to grow this business to the point where customers will search this website to find service providers. I hope that you are one of them.

Get your ROC. This stands for Regester of Contractors and youll need one in order to take on larger jobs. You’ll hear a lot about it.

Good luck out there! Please contact me if you need any help.

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