How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business

How to start a pool cleaning business

How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business

Do me a favor and try to block out the noise while I teach you how to start a pool cleaning business, Okay? My name is Ryan with srvcly and I’m going to teach you what they aren’t. And that is, how to form your business.

Its very simple. The hardest part you are going to have is mentally making the decision to start. Once you do that, I can teach you the rest.

You can make so much money cleaning and repairing pools, its insane. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them I was making over $100,000.00 a couple years into my pool service and repair business.

I’m no longer trying to get you kids to believe me, I’m now using my time to focus on the ones who are serious about getting started, so if that’s you then listen up!

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First do this

Once you’ve mentally decided to start your own pool cleaning business, you’re going to want to file a limited liability company, also referred to as an LLC. This is going to protect you and your assets in the event that you get sued. So get one!

I like to use Legalzoom because its simple and easy. You can have it done in minutes. I show you how to do this in my online course. Check it out.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this, but if its answered in the future pro starter course, I’m just going to ask you to buy AND COMPLETE this course.

Then do this

Once you have your LLC you are going to need a EIN. This is a nine didge tax identification number that you need in order to open a business bank account. Its kind of like your businesses social security number.

Many people, including Legalzoom, will try and charge you for this EIN, but you can get yours for free by going to the IRS website. Look here!


They are going to ask you a lot of questions when you’re filing your EIN. Buy my course and learn how to do this on your own. .

Almost done!

Once you have your LLC and your EIN walk into the bank of your choice and tell the banker you want a business bank account. You and your business are separate from one another. Your pool cleaning business is its own ENTITY!

Don’t take payment to your personal account when you are out there collecting on invoices. Make sure that money goes to your business account.

Load some money into your new account. We have some business expenses coming up. 

Final step

The four step is so gosh damn important, I would not recommend stepping foot onto any customers property before you complete it. With the work that you’ll be doing, being in backyards, working with water, adding chemicals, working on pool equipment, you need insurance.

General Liability Insurance will protect you in the event an accident occurs due to you being on the property. So listen…… GET IT!

I like to use NEXT INS because you can get an instant quote. Go ahead and get yours. Use that money you loaded in your business bank account and get this now!

And Das it

These four items are all you are going to need to get out there and start making money with your pool cleaning business. 

In MY COURSE I continue to teach out how to 

  • Create a Logo 
  • Make Business Cards
  • Make Business T-Shirts
  • Create a quick Website
  • Start Your Quickbooks

You dont need these in order to be successful I just go over them in my course because its how I run my businesses. 

Now what?!

Once you have formed your business I aske that you submit your business to the srvcly referral system. It is my hope that some day we will build a community of Home Service Providers.

If you need me contact me 

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