Messing with the influencers

Messing with the influencers

Messing with the Influencers

As a current stay at Home Dad, I inspire to one day be a famous influencer in the Home Service Trade Business industry.

With my influence I hope that I can raise awareness of my website business srvcly where I am currently marketing a course that helps individuals start their own home service business.

This course focuses on the bare minimum essentials needed to start any home service trade business.

the future pro starter course

Where I currently create

My favorite place to hang out online is X, formally known as twitter. I enjoy X because you can communicate with people. You can be heard. This is a power you might not otherwise get on the other apps.

I recently got back on Facebook/instagram because I want to share my journey with my friends and family. I’m also interested in the home service trade Facebook groups, but I haven’t done well at getting along with these people. I am to blame for this.

I use Youtube and Google to build my funnels. I have had some success with this in the past and will use this as my strategy for srvcly.

I will use paid advertising in the future but for the time being, Im trying to show up where people are searching.

What I like to do on X

Understand that, the majority of my time spent online is work related. I research developing stories, work on my brand, and sometimes become a personality.

One of my favorite pass times on X is getting impression bumps. This is like a metaverse drug.

With the X premium subscription you can track the analytics of your content. This is valuable information for anyone perusing the influencer status.

All sites have analytics but I trust Elons platform the most. One reason worth mentioning is that he actively fights against bot accounts. So I’m going to believe the numbers I’m looking at are accurate. 

What I stopped doing on X

I was being a troll in search of  impression bumps. I’ve since stopped and instead am trying to see if I can get these bumps to chase me.

My plan is to do this by creating quality content.

Trolling was also completely distracting me from getting the foundation of srvcly online.

Things got bad. I was even going into other areas of the internet, like facebook groups, with this troll attitude in persute of my next bump. This was clouding my vision.

So, I stopped.

My symptoms

After my announcement to get clean from trolling, my analytics hit its apex for the week. This was organic growth! Located left. Green means good, right?

Five days after the decision to stop chasing these bumps, my analytics are dropping. Lets say that red is good for now. Helps me stop the noise and focus.

Messing with the influencers

*Yes im using this picture as click bait. Nicole wanted to show off her 49ers gear, and I wanted to grab her butt. 

Current Path

I’m not going to troll for now.

I think that being a troll has its place in the meta. People like the drama. I just need to finish getting the foundation of srvcly laid before I go back to trolling.

So for now its about keeping my head down and grinding.

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