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Hello my name is Ryan and I am the owner of Shelve It. I enjoy building shelves of all kinds. Id love to help you with building your pantry, closet, or garage shelves. I can also help you build floating shelves or an accent wall. Please contact me with a description of your project.

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Mention you found me here and ill give you 20% off your first project.

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How to set up a new quickbooks account

How to set up a new quickbooks account  Quickbooks, in my opinion, is the most important tool you have in your tool bag. Accurate books makes decisions so much easier, whether you want to hire a tech, upgrade tools, or buy a new service vehicle, QuickBooks can help. Im going to show you how to; […]

How to set up a new quickbooks account

 Quickbooks, in my opinion, is the most important tool you have in your tool bag. Accurate books makes decisions so much easier, whether you want to hire a tech, upgrade tools, or buy a new service vehicle, QuickBooks can help. Im going to show you how to;

  • Buy QuickBooks
  • Enter your logo, business name, EIN
  • Link your bank accounts
  • Add customers
  • Make custom line items
  • Produce invoices
  • Receive payments

QuickBooks is a monster of a tool that will require a lot of learning over your entire career. If you can at least start off with the information that we are going to discuss you will have a good base to run reports on in the future. Lets start.

Two different types of QuickBooks

There are two forms of QuickBooks. You can buy the desktop or the online version. QuickBooks desktop allows you to download to your computer and the only way to access this version is from that computer. The online version can be accessed from anywhere so long as you have internet access. Quickbooks also has an app that allows you to access your books from your phone in the field if you have the online version.

We are going to buy the online version, so lets go to the Quickbooks website and make our purchase.

How to buy

Here Im going to purchase the “Essentials Plan,” I have found that this version allows for the best results as a home service trade professionals. You can purchase the “Simple Start” plan to get started and upgrade at any time. QuickBooks does not have contracts so feel free to upgrade or even cancel whenever you see fit.

essentials plan for QuickBooks

Follow the prompts, eneter your credit card info and make the purchase. 

Your dashboard

This is your dashboard. This is what you are going to see each time you log onto your QuickBooks. Becoming familiar with all the prompts on the left is going to allow you to navigate through QuickBooks easily. In the top right you will see a setting gear icon. We will be using that in this tutorial as well.

Enter Business name, logo, and EIN

The first thing I suggest you do is enter your business name, your business logo, and your business EIN. You do this by clicking on the gear icon at the top right and then selection “Account Settings.” 

You will see at the top of the page you can enter your business name, upload your logo, as well as enter your EIN number.

Link your bank account

To link your bank account from your dashboard select “banking services” on the left hand side and then select the “link account.”

How to link your bank account to quickbooks

 Here im going to level you on your own. QuickBooks does a good job guiding you along this route. Make sure that you link all of your business bank accounts that you will use. This includes your business checking account, savings account, and credit cards.

If your bank is not listed you can enter your banks website URL into the top space provided.

Select all your accounts and link them. Done.

Add Customers

To add customers first start from your dashboard. Select the prompt on the left side that says, “customer and leads.” This is where you can always return to your list of customers.

On the top right select the green button that says add customers.

Fill out all of the customers information. Don’t forget to add their email address. This is important when sending out invoices.

enter customer information in quickbooks

When you have finished filling out all of your customers information hit “save”

Create line items

Line items are a very important part of your QuickBooks. You should be as descriptive as possible as the reports are very heavily produced on how you create your line items and how you fill them out.

Starting from your dashboard, click on the gear icon on the top right and  under “Lists” select “Products and Services.”

This is where your line items live. To add a new line item, click the “New” button at the top right then select “Service.” Enter your new line item info here.

add services to quickbooks

Now, when you go to invoice out a customer, these line items will show up under the drop down of “Products/Services.”

You can also enter new line items on the fly by selecting the “+ Add new” under the product and service of your line item when invoicing out. 

Invoice out your customer

From your Customers & Leads page select the customer you wish to invoice out.

Once you are in the customers account, select the green button on the top right of your screen labeled “New Transaction.” A drop down will show up and you select “Invoice.”


Once in this screen I like to switch the view to “old layout.” you can see this on the top right of your screen while in the invoice.

switch to old layout for invoicing on quickbooks


The terms on a invoice is the amount of time the customer has to pay the invoice once invoiced.

Any invoice set at a “net” allows the customer the amount of days to pay the invoice following the net.

For instance, invoices are commonly set for a new 15 or a net 30. This allows the customer either 15 or 30 days to pay the invoice from the invoiced date.

On the other hand you can have an invoice that is “Due on receipt.” This informs your customer that the invoice is due when they receive it.

It is common practice to have customers that are on a monthly service plan set up on a net invoice for their regular service and a due on receipt for repairs or one time jobs.

how to change the terms on an invoice for quickbooks


These are your line items we just went over. Select which one or ones you need in order to represent the work you provided to your customers.


You can have this information hard entered so that when you select it, the description pops up. If you don’t wish to hard enter anything for the description while setting up your line items, you can enter it as you see fit while invoicing out.

description of product service in quickbooks


When you are invoicing out, it is important to note the quantity. Don’t always select one and then adjust the amount to fit. Be aware of what you are invoicing out and know that QuickBooks is tracking it. Enter the quantity of the items you have sold so that you can run reports against it later.

enter the quantity of product and service in quickbooks


The rate is the amount you are charging for the line item you have selected. It is a good idea to have this hard entered but you can change it if need be. Enter in the rate of ONE and QuickBooks will automatically multiply it by the quantity auto populating the amount for you.

enter the rate for a product and service using quickbooks

When you are completely finished with the invoice click the button in the bottom right hand corner labeled “Save and Send.”

Send Invoice

This is your invoice memo allowing you to overlook everything one final time before you send.

You can see the sender and the subject of your invoice that your customer will see as well as the body of the email. These can all be adjusted here now or permanently in your settings.

I would suggest customizing all of this in a creative way but for now, just select the “Send and Close” button at the bottom right.

send the invoice using quickbooks

Receive Payment

Let me show you how to receive a payment from Cash, Check, or Credit Card.

From your customers account page find the invoice you wish to collect on and select the blue link to the right labeled “Receive Payment.”

how to receive a payment in quickbooks

Once in the receive payment page, first choose what form of payment you wish to process under the “Payment method” prompt.


Select cash then choose which account you are depositing it into under the “deposit to” prompt. Hit save and close.


Select check, put the check number in where it asks for the reference no. and then select which account you want this money to go into. Then select save and close.

Credit Card

Customers can pay with their credit card from a link in the email you sent the invoice in. If you wish to collect over the phone, select the payment method credit card.

A new screen will pop up for you to enter the customers credit card when you select the button “Enter credit card details. Once entered hit use this info.

All set

Even if you arent doing that much work for your new home service trade business, its a good idea to have QuickBooks. This way all your information is saved because the true magic of QuickBooks, is running reports.

ryan lunsford
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How to list your business on google.

How to get your business on Google

How to get your business on Google I am about to teach you how to get on google my business. There are many forms of getting on google when it comes to your home service trade business. You can get blogs to rank on google, you can get videos to rank on YouTube (google) you […]

How to get your business on Google

I am about to teach you how to get on google my business. There are many forms of getting on google when it comes to your home service trade business. You can get blogs to rank on google, you can get videos to rank on YouTube (google) you can get on Google Guarantee, you can pay for google ads, or you can get on Google My Business, GMB. In this article what I want to show you is how to get verified on google my business.

This may not shoot your business to the top ranked spot on google my business, but it is the first step in getting your business on google. The most important part about getting your google my business account set up is making sure you get verified.

How to get your business on google my business

What is google my business

Go to google and search for a provider that is in the same home service trade you are in. For example type in “Landscapers” or “pool service and repair.” You are probably already familiar with seeing the red ballons pinned on the google map of your area. This is google my business. My job is to show you the proper way to get on GMB.

Two steps

There are really only two steps that you need to know in order to properly get your business listed on google my business. The first one is to go to the google my business page and start the prompts. We are going to go over these in greater detail below, but if you are just here for a quick answer, that is step number one.

The second step is to get verified. Google is going to request your business address. This is not to post it on their site. Most of us home service trade professionals work out of our personal residency and dont wish to have that information floating around on the web. The request is so that google can send you a verification post card.

Being Verified on GMB

In order to even have a shot at being seen on google you need to make sure that your business is verified. During the questions that google asks you when setting up your business google page they will ask for your home address. Once they have this address they are going to send you a verification post card. This is the most important part of setting up your google my business account.

Once you receive the google my business post card in the mail follow the prompts. Google wants you to return to your GMB account and enter the six digit code on the postcard into your listing. This is googles way of verifying your business. You will not be seen by anyone on google EVER, if you do not verify your business.


If you are the type of person that quickly understands how to do things, go ahead and get it done. If you want to see the step-by-step process of me listing my own business on google my business, here we go. Go to the google my business page Here.

Enter your business name

The first question google is going to ask you is, “What is your business name.” Make sure that you do not select a business that has a similar or same name as you. If your business is not reconized by google and you do not see it on there select the top prompt of “create a business with this name.”

Choose your business type

Being that we are a home service trade business we want to select the last prompt of service business. We make visits to our customers houses.

Enter a business category

Google is asking what trade you are in. Make sure you select the correct one.

enter your business catagory

Where do you service your customers

Here google wants to know what cities or towns you work in. Enter a town you do business in and select it. Repeat this process over until all the areas you service are entered.

Contact phone number and email

In order to do this step properly you are going to need to have a website. If you do not have a website you can get one for free using the srvcly website. See that how to video here. So once you have your website built using srvcly follow these prompts.

Go to srvcly and sign in

Under your dashboard select share my business

in your srvcly dashboard choose share my business

Copy the link.

Return to the google my business page and paste it your link here. 

Enter your phone number.

Enter your mailing address

We already went through this once but Ill do it again for those of you who like to bounce around blog posts. Google is asking for your address so that they can send you a verification post card. When you get this card you will punch in the code to your google my business account. You will then be verified and will be visible on google.

This is NOT to show your customers your address of operation. In fact you can choose not to show your address in your profile. If you do not add your address, you will not be verified and you will not be seen on google by potential customers.

Verify your phone number

Now google is going to verify your phone number. Send the code and then enter it. Easy.

verify your business phone number with google my business

Add your services

Here you are going to want to add the services that your business has to offer. I personally like to add custom services and write them in a way that a customer would write them if searching for the service on google. Add as many as you want.

enter the services your business offers in google my business.

Business hours

Here you are going to want to slide the toggle from closed to open and then enter your hours of operation on each day that you are open.

enter your business hours here in google my business

Add messaging

Your going to want to turn this on. You want to make it as easy as you can for customers to contact you in any way that they can.

turn messaging on with google my business

Add a description

Make sure that you use this area to communicate to your customers. Be personable. Dont try and fake this or make it seem over “professional.” Speak to your customers in this discription as you would if you were pitching them on their door step.

add a business description to your google my business

Add photos

Go nuts here. add as many photos as you can of your work. Before and after photos are great. If you dont have any photos of your work, take some time and take some good quality pictures of yourself. We made business tshirts and took pictures so that we could upload them to our website we built using srvcly.com. If these are the only photos you have, that is ok. Add more as you do work. Dont underestimate this step, photos are huge when it comes to customers looking to hire.

upload your business pictures to your google my business

Claim your FREE $500

I would suggest claiming this at some time during your operation. The most commonly asked question of all home service trade business owners is, “how do you get clients.” This would be a great place to start learning. If you dont have money and dont want to do this then just skip it like i did. But I do think at some point you should try creating ads on google. Just so you know.

Visible upon verification

So once again, no one will be able to see any of this information until you verify yourself. Once the card comes in with your code enter it and BAM! You will have completed your very first step in getting your business listed on google.

Thats it

I hope that you find this information helpful. As I stated earlier, google is a beast to learn. There are so many different ways to be seen on google but this, as a business, is going to be your first step getting listed on google my business. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me with any questions.

ryan lunsford
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How to create a business website

How to create a business website

How to create a business website Alright home service trade professionals, I am going to show you how to make a website for your newly formed business. I have shown you everything you need to know in order to start your own home service trade business. You can find that here at the Future pro […]

How to create a business website

Alright home service trade professionals, I am going to show you how to make a website for your newly formed business. I have shown you everything you need to know in order to start your own home service trade business. You can find that here at the Future pro starter course. Now lets pull it all together.

I suggest before you start this you have some pictures ready to go. This could be some pictures of work that you have already done, but I also suggest that you get some good quality head shots. I mean, we just got our new business T-shirts, so why not show them off?

Make a Business Tshirt!

Put some thought into these and have someone help you take the photos. It doesnt have to be anything fancy, whatever phone you have will do just fine. Even, if you have a flip phone.

What is a website

Do you even know what a website is? What a home service trade website looks like? Whens the last time you have been to one? My guess is, probably not often. So what’s your plan on making a website? Keep in mind you dont even need to have a website to be successful. I have met many home service trade business owners become very successful without having a website. What did home service trade professions do before there was a website? Get where im going with this.

I have spent a lot of time and literally all of my money trying to learn about home service trade business websites. How to make them, what they look like, and most importantly how to make them work. If at some point you want to go down the road of building your own website, I support you. But for the time being, can you take everything we just worked on and create a profile on my website srvcly? Thank you.

First you need to register

Go to srvcly and register. Once you are registered the site will send you to your dashboard and everything you need will be here for you. What we are going to be focusing on in this article is the option to “add my business.” This is where the magic starts.

The information I’m asking you on this form is going to be added to your website page. Everything except your business address. We will get into this later.

Start entering your information

Enter your business name and a description of you and your business. Be personable here. This is a time to introduce yourself to your customers.

Once you have put the effort into your description enter the year you founded your business. After that choose what trade you are in. This will match you with customers searching the srvcly site for your services.

Select a pillar

The pillars are a unique feature that is specific to the way we are going to match you with your customers. I believe that each service provider has each one of these qualities, but I want you to select the one that matches your biggest strength.

  • Affordable – you focus on affordable rates in order to acquire clients
  • Available – you are available to do the work now
  • Prompt – you say you’ll be there at a certain time/day and you follow through
  • Knowledge – you’ve seen a lot and know how to do more than the average pro

Youll be able to switch your pillar at any time changing the catagory that customers search. For now choose the one that you feel is most important to you.

Services and service areas

Here you have the option to enter your services and your service areas. This also helps put content on your page.

Enter all the service areas that you service. Towns, cities, neighborhoods, whatever. Where ever you are and however you classify your service areas, enter them here. Again this adds content to your page allowing it to look professional and more complete.

service area and services

Contact information

Make sure that you enter your business email as well as your business phone number. Srvcly is not a gate keeper. I allow direct contact between you and your customers. This is a referral site this is not a lead generation site.

I want to get the home owners in direct contact with you in the least amount of clicks as possible. I want them to have the ability to call you or email you whenever the choose to. So make sure you enter your information here.

contact page for srvcly

Enter your address

Please note that your address will not be listed anywhere on the site. Even if you have a commercial business location, your address will not be listed. Most of us are running a business out of our personal residency and if you’re like me, I don’t want the customers knowing where I live.

Make sure that you enter your business address using the google drop down. When you start entering your business address google will auto populate your address. It is very important that you select this and not hard enter your address. If you do not select from the drop down, hard enter your address, or not enter your address all together, you will not be referred when a customer searches for your grad in your area.

Srvcly special offer

I put this in here for you to offer your customers a special so that you can track that they found you on srvcly. That’s why I say in the video, “mention this ad.” Customers love discounts and I made them a good one here. All they have to do is mention this ad to get 20% off their project. Maybe I’ll change that later. If I start getting a lot of requests for the 20% off I know that they are coming from my site on srvcly.

special offer for srvcly

Cover photo and logo

The business cover photo is the picture at the very top of the website. This is a pretty common way to set up a home service trade website. It currently has a blue gradient on it. Think I should remove that? Let me know. Contact


How to create a business website

Next, upload your logo. If you are reading this and do not have a logo, check out the video of us making our logo together.

Learn How to Make A Logo

Photo upload

Here is where we are going to upload the pictures we took of us in our super awesome business shirt. If you already have some before and after pics of work you have completed, enter them here as well. I cap it off a 6 photos so choose wisely.

Hit submit

Alright now all you have to do is hit submit. When you hit submit a bell rings on my phone letting me know that you just entered all the information I need to set up your site. I jump up as fast as I can and start building your site. If you want to see what it looks like when im done go to “my business” in your dashboard. This is what your website page is going to look like. If you need to change anything on it hit the edit button and itll allow you to make changes. Hit submit and itll be updated.

I hope that you get a chance to do this. Would be really cool if you did. Hit me up on twitter if you need anything.

search results for srvcly
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Landscaping tools got me thinking

The most important tool for a home service provider

The Most Important Tool For Home Service Providers I had to search my ol brain for something to write after my post last week on businesses verses companies. I’m happy with how many of you responded to that one, and I wanted to follow it up with one just as good. So as I was […]

The Most Important Tool For Home Service Providers

I had to search my ol brain for something to write after my post last week on businesses verses companies. I’m happy with how many of you responded to that one, and I wanted to follow it up with one just as good. So as I was doing my landscaping this past weekend, I came up with two different post ideas. As I put my yard tools away I decided to go with, “Quickbooks is the most important tool you have.”

The most important tool for a home service provider

Last weeks post update

I have to tell you, I’m a little frustrated at two things. No its not the handful of other service pros being difficult about me being in their group, it’s that I was canceled, TWICE! First I noticed that the Professional Window Cleaners Facebook group removed me from their group. I don’t know why and the group admin Charity wouldn’t respond to my questions.

The second one, and this one sucks more, is that the last article I wrote was removed from Google! Look at that, third spot baby. I may have been showing off a little, but I was excited to know we could get on Google. I went back to check it a few days later aaand it’s GONE!

What's your favorite tool

This question brought in three different types of answers amongst all trades. Its crazy to me to see how, it doesn’t matter if you’re a house cleaner or a plumber, a pressure washer or a window cleaner, these three responses were consistent.

Trade specific tools

Marisa Stafford with Profession House Cleaners responded by saying, “I think my hands and my Miele are.”

I didn’t know what a Meile was so I had to google it. Its a vacuum.

Sean Dye with Landscapers and Lawn Care Pros responded similarly with “And here I thought it was the mower.”

This makes sense. You cant invoice, receive payments, or even get customers if you don’t have the proper tools to do the physical work. That is, if YOU’RE the one doing the physical work.


There were A LOT of you who believed that a good Customer Relation Management program is the best tool you could have. Personally I use Jobber but there were a lot of others. Surprisingly no one mentioned ServiceTitan. Is that because they suck or is it because the Plumbers, Electricians, and Air Technicians are too cool to respond to my post?

skimmer is good
jobber is a good tool


Accounting, or books, was heavily mentioned amongst all service trades. Most, however, disagreed with me that QuickBooks was the best. Wave was mentioned more than any one bookkeeping software. Wave is free and claims that it is “seriously” easy to use.

I always suggest setting up your books. So if you can’t afford to pay for your bookkeeping program, wave could be a solid solution for you.

Why I think QB is the most important

The reason “the books” are so important to me is because it provides me with the information I need in order to calm the hell down. I personally like the profit and loss reports. Ill run these reports at the end of each week. If I like what I see, its easier for me to relax during the weekend. Rest up and get back at it.

If I don’t like what I see I may choose to work a little over the weekend, or at least know what I need to get done the first part of the following week.

Also, what Vicks Lee from Professional House Cleaners says…

quickbooks is the best of the best

Other mentions

There were some funny mentions on what some of you believe to be your most important tool. If I had to pick a winner it would be….

To be able to run a business with your significant other really is a fun way to do business. 

A little about me

Thank you for reading my post. My name is Ryan Lunsford and I spent 11 years in the pool service industry. I built a service and repair business here in Arizona and sold it in 2021. 

Now im building an app that will help home service pros get free referrals. If you dont believe me that its free, go to my home page and see for yourself. Ill prove it to you by giving you a free website.

ryan lunsford
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How many Home Service Businesses are Companies

How many Home Service Businesses are Companies

How many Home Service Businesses are Companies? I don’t care if you are a w2 employee, a 1099 contractor, a business owner or a company owner, are you apart of a home service trade business? Additionally, do you belong to a Facebook group within that trade? Well if you answered yes to those two questions […]

How many Home Service Businesses are Companies?

I don’t care if you are a w2 employee, a 1099 contractor, a business owner or a company owner, are you apart of a home service trade business? Additionally, do you belong to a Facebook group within that trade? Well if you answered yes to those two questions then you have some idea of how crazy this story is going to get. Stick around, Im going to show you how we arrived at our answer of how many Home Service Businesses are Companies.

How many Home Service Businesses are Companies

The Post

I posted this statement on June 5th, 2023 in multiple home service trade Facebook pages. What seemed like immediately, I started seeing all sorts of comments rush in. A cross all the different trades groups I saw a lot of the same answers, both serious and silly. I started to realize that many pros had the same perseption of what it ment to be a business verse a company. I also saw a lot of comments explaining what the literal meaning of what the each are.

Why I Posted It

I enjoy having conversations about the business side of our trades. Although the actual trade work between window cleaners and pressure washers are different, the way the businesses (or companies) run are extremely different. It is the same path to setup a pool service business as it is to set up a landscaping business.

  • LLC or INC
  • Acquire a EIN
  • Open a bank account
  • Get some insurance

What ends up being different is how we operate our businesses or companies. Some of us will remain a one man show. Taking all the calls, booking all the jobs, performing all the work, invoicing out all the customers, and collecting all the money. Some of us will hire out for some of this and others will hire out for all of this. So, do you run a business or a company?

The literal terms

Lets go over some literal terms and then we can get into what it means to some of our fellow tradesmen.


A quick google search of “what is a company,” will provide the definition, “A commercial business.” Which doesn’t help us out that much. Jeff Hansen on Professional Window Cleaning Facebook group says;

“I find value operating under a corporate entity of a company simply due to the legal and liability protection of being an employee of it.”

A few others actually mentioned this as well. In a company formed business the owner can actually just be an employee. Providing you with the same protection your employees have, which in Arizona IS A LOT. So, does being a company just mean that you are structured as one on paper? Many members of the Facebook group had different perceptions of what it meant to be a company. We get into that below.


For the most part, pros associated a Business with being a Limited Liability Company, or LLC. Having your business in an LLC will allow you to protect your personal assets. If you own a house, cars, or money, they are protected under a properly ran LLC. This LLC is considered to be its own entity. As long as you keep your business entity separated from your personal entity, you should be covered. Its when pros start using their business for personal use and or vise versa. Things can go bad in litigation if this is found. Its a good idea to keep each at an arms length away from one another. So, does this make you a business?

A sole proprietor is one who provides work, just like you do, but uses his personal name and bank account. A sole proprietor has no protection in litigation of for his personal assets. Is this considered a business?

What it means to me

The easiest way to explain what my statement meant to me is, Businesses are the mom and pop shops of the home service trade world and companies are the more corporately ran operations. In the post I said that 99.9% of us operate as the mom and pop shop type business, whereas almost none of us run corporate style companies.

Over my years in the trades I have observed that most of the businesses out there, even if they are lager, operate a business. That almost none of us get to the company level, even though we may be operating under a company formed business. Both take a large amount of work and effort, but for the most of us, even if we want to, we never reach the company level.

What it means to some of you

A popular comment from you pros was much along the lines of a business runs you and a company runs itself. See here how Corey Edmonds from Pressure Washing Friends breaks it down.

Corey couldn’t say it any better when he finishes his comment with, “there are no right or wrong answers. The only right answer is that you are healthy and you enjoy your time here on earth.”

Others simply commented that if you can walk away from your business for a month and come back to it still operating, then you have a company.

Some of the others

I wont name names here but some of you pros did not like this post I made. One individual even asked me to delete the post. I actually got into a good argument with one of the pros. After we went back and forth a fellow pro stepped in to set us both straight. Come to find out we were talking about two different things.

I have found out that there is a large amount of pros out there not liking the idea of other pros giving advise. I understand there are wanna be gurus out there. You should see the ones on twitter! I believe what I have to offer to the entire home service trade industry is honest and fair. I do not feel that I am leading anyone down a misinformed road and that my information comes from years of living in the trades.

But I did some research anyways

The Offical Answer

After my post I decided to run a poll in all the different trade groups and these are the numbers I got;

The results show that 16.42% of home service trade pros own a company and 83.58% of pros believe they are a business. 

I would have loved if more pros voted accrossed all trades, but ill take it! These are great results to know. 

Who I Am

Ill quickly introduce myself. My name is Ryan and I am a pool service pro at heart. I dedicated 11 years to my trade and while working in it I discovered my passion. The American Home Service Trade Industry. As I promoted myself through my business I learned a lot about each step. I eventually built the business, Pool Rescuers LLC, into a business with about 400 clients, 5 techs, 3 office staff, a few 1099’s, and a fleet of pre owned trucks.  I then sold the business in 2021, completing the entire build, scale, exit cycle.


Pool boy

Now I am trying to build a Home Service Referral site called srvcly. This is not to be confused with lead generation. I believe that lead generation is one of the worst things for the home service trade industry as it charges you just to speak with a potential customer. Not only that they encourage us pros to fight over the lead by sending the customers to multiple service professionals. Srvcly will provide home service trade professional with free referrals. In order for referrals to work, they will always need to be free to the service provider.

Contact me

If you would like to contact me please see below.

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The best general liability for home service business.

The Best General Liability Insurance

The Best General Liability Insurance I can’t say this enough, so listen up. BEFORE you step foot on any customers properties, you NEED to get general liability insurance on your business. General liability insurance is going to cover any bodily or property damage that was caused as a result of your work. This means that, […]

The Best General Liability Insurance

I can’t say this enough, so listen up. BEFORE you step foot on any customers properties, you NEED to get general liability insurance on your business. General liability insurance is going to cover any bodily or property damage that was caused as a result of your work. This means that, if someone or something on your customers property is damaged as a result of your work, you’re covered. Get it? Got it? Good, now go get it.

What’s up future pro! My name is Ryan and we are going to get a quote for your business general liability insurance. I like to use Next Insurance because it’s fast to get a quote by just answering a few questions. So lets get started.

Go to Next and start your application

To start you need to click the link below. We are going to go to the website NEXT.

Once here you will see there is a button at the top that says “get instant quote.”

Next insurance home page

Here you want to select what industry you are in. Make sure to select what state you are operating in as well.

Next insurance industry coverage

Enter your business email. If you still don’t have one, get one, then enter it.

Answer questions about your business

Answer the questions they are asking. These are my selections. If you have none, choose “none of the above.”

tell next about your business

Here, they speak truth. You’ll never know how important GLI is until you get caught without it.

general liability coverage by next ins

About you. Fill out your name, number, business name, business address, and if you are operating out your house select yes.

About your business. I chose LLC and established in 2023

More questions. When they ask about subcontractors Im entering $5,000. This can be a tough questions to answer, especially if you don’t know what they are asking. Sol let me break this down for you.

If I have a customer that wants me to do work for them, but part of the job includes trade work I don’t provide, I may want to hire someone to come in and perform the work, under my business, not the customers.

If this is confusing to you please contact me and I’ll help clarify.

This is where things get a little different with the questions they are going to ask me verses what they are going to ask you. So I’m going to fill out my questions and you fill out yours. It will be ok, I’ll see you on the other side.

Review and purchase

Once finished you will receive a quote with three different levels of coverage. Choose what best fits you by selecting the “Get Coverage” button.

Next insurance basic, premier, and deluxe coverage.

Enter your payment info and pay. Its that easy.

Next insurance check out

Other types of insurance you can get

You can pretty much pay insurance companies to cover anything in life, but GLI is a must. There are some factors when you may want to pick up other insurance coverage. Lets cover those.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Property insurance

Commercial auto insurance.

From here, I would suggest making sure you have the proper commercial auto insurance for your service vehicle. Please do not be the service provider that is working out of their personal vehicle. Let me explain.

If you have a vehicle that you use to operate your business, that is considered a business vehicle. It needs to be titled and insured in the business name. Please, read that again. If you service vehicle is used to operate your business, it needs to be titled and insured in y