The Best General Liability Insurance

The best general liability for home service business.

The Best General Liability Insurance

I can’t say this enough, so listen up. BEFORE you step foot on any customers properties, you NEED to get general liability insurance on your business. General liability insurance is going to cover any bodily or property damage that was caused as a result of your work. This means that, if someone or something on your customers property is damaged as a result of your work, you’re covered. Get it? Got it? Good, now go get it.

What’s up future pro! My name is Ryan and we are going to get a quote for your business general liability insurance. I like to use Next Insurance because it’s fast to get a quote by just answering a few questions. So lets get started.

Go to Next and start your application

To start you need to click the link below. We are going to go to the website NEXT.

Once here you will see there is a button at the top that says “get instant quote.”

Next insurance home page

Here you want to select what industry you are in. Make sure to select what state you are operating in as well.

Next insurance industry coverage

Enter your business email. If you still don’t have one, get one, then enter it.

Answer questions about your business

Answer the questions they are asking. These are my selections. If you have none, choose “none of the above.”

tell next about your business

Here, they speak truth. You’ll never know how important GLI is until you get caught without it.

general liability coverage by next ins

About you. Fill out your name, number, business name, business address, and if you are operating out your house select yes.

About your business. I chose LLC and established in 2023

More questions. When they ask about subcontractors Im entering $5,000. This can be a tough questions to answer, especially if you don’t know what they are asking. Sol let me break this down for you.

If I have a customer that wants me to do work for them, but part of the job includes trade work I don’t provide, I may want to hire someone to come in and perform the work, under my business, not the customers.

If this is confusing to you please contact me and I’ll help clarify.

This is where things get a little different with the questions they are going to ask me verses what they are going to ask you. So I’m going to fill out my questions and you fill out yours. It will be ok, I’ll see you on the other side.

Review and purchase

Once finished you will receive a quote with three different levels of coverage. Choose what best fits you by selecting the “Get Coverage” button.

Next insurance basic, premier, and deluxe coverage.

Enter your payment info and pay. Its that easy.

Next insurance check out

Other types of insurance you can get

You can pretty much pay insurance companies to cover anything in life, but GLI is a must. There are some factors when you may want to pick up other insurance coverage. Lets cover those.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Property insurance

Commercial auto insurance.

From here, I would suggest making sure you have the proper commercial auto insurance for your service vehicle. Please do not be the service provider that is working out of their personal vehicle. Let me explain.

If you have a vehicle that you use to operate your business, that is considered a business vehicle. It needs to be titled and insured in the business name. Please, read that again. If you service vehicle is used to operate your business, it needs to be titled and insured in your business name.

If you happen to get into an accident while in your service vehicle, and that service vehicle is titled and insured under your personal name, you are personally responsible. Not only can lawyers come after your business and its assets, they can come after your personal assets as well.

You can get a quote from Next for commercial auto insurance.

Workers Compensation

Take it from me. If you have employees, make sure that you have workers comp on them. This insurance will cover any employees you may have, that get hurt on the job. If you don’t have any employees, your lucky, you don’t need this. If you do employee anyone as a w2 employee, you need workers comp.

Take if from me, I had an employee in the early years of my pool service business that sued me for hurting himself on the job. If we ever meet I can tell you about this story. But after everything, he won because I didn’t have workers comp. I was sued for $120,000!

Next insurance can provide you a quote on workers comp. The rough part about this is that it is directly relative to what you are paying your employee. The more you pay your employee, the more you pay in comp. Crazy lame huh?

Property Insurance

Property insurance covers any damage or stolen tools. Whether or not you should have property insurance depends on what trade you are in. The handyman trade requires a lot of tools, it might be a good idea to get property insurance. Landscapers also need to have a lot of equipment in order to perform their trade, might be a good idea to get property insurance.

Window cleaners, pool service technicians, house cleaners, may not need as many tools and equipment to perform their trade. It may not be worth it to hold property insurance at that point.

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