The most important tool for a home service provider

Landscaping tools got me thinking

The Most Important Tool For Home Service Providers

I had to search my ol brain for something to write after my post last week on businesses verses companies. I’m happy with how many of you responded to that one, and I wanted to follow it up with one just as good. So as I was doing my landscaping this past weekend, I came up with two different post ideas. As I put my yard tools away I decided to go with, “Quickbooks is the most important tool you have.”

The most important tool for a home service provider

Last weeks post update

I have to tell you, I’m a little frustrated at two things. No its not the handful of other service pros being difficult about me being in their group, it’s that I was canceled, TWICE! First I noticed that the Professional Window Cleaners Facebook group removed me from their group. I don’t know why and the group admin Charity wouldn’t respond to my questions.

The second one, and this one sucks more, is that the last article I wrote was removed from Google! Look at that, third spot baby. I may have been showing off a little, but I was excited to know we could get on Google. I went back to check it a few days later aaand it’s GONE!

What's your favorite tool

This question brought in three different types of answers amongst all trades. Its crazy to me to see how, it doesn’t matter if you’re a house cleaner or a plumber, a pressure washer or a window cleaner, these three responses were consistent.

Trade specific tools

Marisa Stafford with Profession House Cleaners responded by saying, “I think my hands and my Miele are.”

I didn’t know what a Meile was so I had to google it. Its a vacuum.

Sean Dye with Landscapers and Lawn Care Pros responded similarly with “And here I thought it was the mower.”

This makes sense. You cant invoice, receive payments, or even get customers if you don’t have the proper tools to do the physical work. That is, if YOU’RE the one doing the physical work.


There were A LOT of you who believed that a good Customer Relation Management program is the best tool you could have. Personally I use Jobber but there were a lot of others. Surprisingly no one mentioned ServiceTitan. Is that because they suck or is it because the Plumbers, Electricians, and Air Technicians are too cool to respond to my post?

skimmer is good
jobber is a good tool


Accounting, or books, was heavily mentioned amongst all service trades. Most, however, disagreed with me that QuickBooks was the best. Wave was mentioned more than any one bookkeeping software. Wave is free and claims that it is “seriously” easy to use.

I always suggest setting up your books. So if you can’t afford to pay for your bookkeeping program, wave could be a solid solution for you.

Why I think QB is the most important

The reason “the books” are so important to me is because it provides me with the information I need in order to calm the hell down. I personally like the profit and loss reports. Ill run these reports at the end of each week. If I like what I see, its easier for me to relax during the weekend. Rest up and get back at it.

If I don’t like what I see I may choose to work a little over the weekend, or at least know what I need to get done the first part of the following week.

Also, what Vicks Lee from Professional House Cleaners says…

quickbooks is the best of the best

Other mentions

There were some funny mentions on what some of you believe to be your most important tool. If I had to pick a winner it would be….

To be able to run a business with your significant other really is a fun way to do business. 

A little about me

Thank you for reading my post. My name is Ryan Lunsford and I spent 11 years in the pool service industry. I built a service and repair business here in Arizona and sold it in 2021. 

Now im building an app that will help home service pros get free referrals. If you dont believe me that its free, go to my home page and see for yourself. Ill prove it to you by giving you a free website.

ryan lunsford


  1. Andy Brody

    Thanks for the post. Use to love your YT videos when I was starting in the pool biz, I appreciate that. Good luck on this new endeavor.

    1. ryansrvclyadmin

      Thanks so much. Hope i can bring you some value with the vision of this new idea.

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